About Clemens Food Group

Clemens Food Group is a vertically coordinated solution providing company whose services include hog production, food production and logistics.  Our unique operating strategy, size, structure, and location enable us to be flexible in our ability to offer product and services solutions to help our business partners be more successful.

Hog Production

Clemens Food Groups’ hog production system, Country View Family Farms (CVFF), operates with a mission to be a provider of wholesome, sustainable food for our families and customers with a world class team practicing Ethics, Integrity, and Stewardship.

CVFF supplies approximately 45% of the Clemens Food Groups’ harvesting needs, and is responsible for procuring the remaining 55% through securing independent family farmers.

CVFF operates hog farms in Pennsylvania and Indiana and employs approximately 200 team members.  In addition, there are over 100 family farms raising hogs for us, infusing over $12 million each year into rural communities.  CVFF’s production system enables these family farmers to build a sustainable farming business and keep their land in agriculture all the while keeping their farm in their family and their family on the farm.

Food Production

Headquartered in Hatfield, Pennsylvania, Clemens Food Group currently operates two innovative food production facilities producing a variety of well known and trusted brands with a complete line of fresh and processed quality pork products.

The Hatfield, PA facility employees over 1,800 team members and is a complete harvesting and manufacturing facility producing several brands of products, including brands such as Hatfield Quality Meats, Premium Reserve, Prima Porta, Butcher Wagon, Red’s Legendary BBQ, Phillies Franks and Nicks Sausage, along with private label brands for a wide variety of retail partners.

The Emmaus, PA facility employees approximately 70 team members and currently processes product for the Hatfield Quality Meats brand as well as Nick’s Sausage.


Clemens Food Groups’ logistics services include two warehouse facilities, a trucking company, and a complete line of garage services including mechanical, body shop and fabrication shops.

Combined logistics services include in-house coordination of freight movement all the way from arrival at the warehouse through delivery to the customer.  All logistics services work closely together to support Clemens Food Group as well as third party business providing all customers with superior and dependable service.

The Hatfield, PA cold storage warehouse is a 200,000 square foot facility including blast freezer, refrigerator and frozen warehouse areas.  The Hatfield warehouse is conveniently located on the same site as our Hatfield, PA food production facility.

CFC Logistics is a cold storage warehouse located in Quakertown, PA which has 250,000 square feet of multi-temperature freezer and cooler areas, including five blast freezing cells.  CFC Logistics offers a wide range of services including storage, consolidated distribution services, blast freezing and export services.  CFC Logistics employs approximately 40 team members.

PV Transport includes three divisions of services:  hauling services (both dry and refrigerated goods), hog hauling services and garage services, each of which focus on providing excellent customer service while being a leader in driving safety. PV Transport employs approximately 120 team members.

The Clemens Family Corporation

The Clemens Food Group is part of a larger organization, The Clemens Family Corporation (CFC), which is also headquartered in Hatfield, PA.  CFC’s business interests include both the Clemens Food Group and Clemens Development.  Clemens Development is responsible for the utilization and diversification of properties and real estate owned by CFC.  All totaled, CFC employs approximately 2,200 team members and has an annual revenue in excess of half a billion dollars.