Commitment to Animal Care

We are ethically and morally committed to be responsible stewards of the animals placed in our care.

Commitment to Animal Care

CFG continues to be an industry leader in animal welfare practices and has strictly adhered to animal handling procedures recommended specifically to us through the input and guidance of several independent third parties; one being world-renown animal welfare expert and professor of Animal Science at Colorado State University, Dr. Temple Grandin. CFG has been presented with several awards, including the prestigious Knowlton Award, which recognizes, among other things, progressiveness in the area of proper animal welfare.

CFG has stringent control points in place to ensure the utmost in animal care from the farms through transportation to the harvest floor.


  • Clemens Food Groups’ harvesting facility undergoes regular third party audits with internal verification.
  • Our involvement in PQA Plus includes the requirement to have on-farm site assessments and random third party audits.
  • All producers who raise hogs for CFG are required to have their farms Third Party Animal Welfare Audited, which is based on the PQA program, the TQA program, and American Meat Institute’s animal handling guidelines.

Our industry involvement in Animal Care

  • CFG Team Member Tom Moyer has been involved in TQA since the inception of the program. He is a TQA advisor who is able to train hog drivers from across the country.
  • Dr. Jessica Risser, the full time on-staff veterinarian for Clemens Food Group, sits on the American Meat Institute (AMI) animal handling committee. In addition to Temple Grandin and other animal handling experts, this committee also includes animal handling experts from the top 25 beef and pork facilities in the country.