Commitment to Animal Care

We are ethically and morally committed to be responsible stewards of the animals placed in our care.

At the Plant

At our Harvest Facility, Clemens Food Group has stringent control points in place to ensure the utmost in animal care:

  • All team members at our facility undergo an extensive animal handling training program
  • Five full-time USDA members are on site, including one USDA Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Full-time on staff Doctor of Veterinary Medicine
  • Independent third-party animal welfare audit conducted by a leading firm in the animal welfare industry. CFG consistently receives one of the highest third-party audit scores in the industry.
  • Animal Handling Task Force routinely meets to ensure CFG is exceeding industry standards for proper animal welfare practices.
  • Professional Animal Auditor Certificate Organization (PAACO) trained auditor on staff who conducts internal audits for both the farms and the plant.
  • In 2014 Clemens Food Group made a significant capital investment and transitioned from an electrical single file stunning system to a CO2 anesthetizing system, which allows the pigs to move slowly in small groups, greatly resulting in less stress for the pig, and improved quality for our products.