Commitment to Animal Care

We are ethically and morally committed to be responsible stewards of the animals placed in our care.

On the Road

TQA Certification – anyone transporting hogs for CFG must be TQA Certified. This includes our own livestock haulers and any other transporter that hauls hogs for CFG.

  • Through TQA Certification transporters are highly trained and educated to ensure best practices in animal handling and well being.

Emergency Response Teams – CFG has developed strategically located Emergency Response Teams with the goal of rapid response time to accidents or disasters involving our hogs.

pork truck accidents


  • In the event of a vehicle accident or disaster, members of these response teams are highly trained and knowledgeable in safely and humanely caring for and transporting animals involved in the incident.

  • CFG has partnered with the PA State Animal Response Team (SART) which is supported by the PA Emergency Management Agency, the PA Department of Agriculture and the PA Veterinary Medical Association.

CFG places a high importance on animal welfare and comfort during transport, and continues to work closely with livestock trailer manufacturer’s research and development teams to be innovative in designing trailers that provide the highest amount of comfort for the animals.