Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to being responsible stewards of God's earth, and taking the best care we can of His creation.
In order to help prioritize our sustainability efforts
we have focused on several areas where we believe we
can have the greatest impact:
Water, Energy and Emission, Recycling and Transportation.


In addition to the recycling of water, CFG follows a strict program to improve processes that increase the amount of materials leaving our facilities that can be recycled. CFG Green is a team in place to help drive CFG’s recycling efforts.

green porkThe goal of CFG Green is to increase the amount of recycling that leaves our facilities, while reducing the amount of waste. In addition, non-recyclable materials are no longer being shipped to landfills, but rather shipped to energy from waste plants, converting our waste into electricity

In 2014 we were proud to announce that our Hatfield facility converted to becoming a Landfill Free facility. Now, waste materials that leave our facility no longer go into landfills, helping to significantly improve our sustainable footprint. In addition, our team members continue their commitment to increasing our recycling efforts, with the goal of decreasing waste while increasing the amount of recycled materials that leave our facility.

pork recycling


CFG’s garage and mechanics services, operating under PV Transport, are fully utilizing many environmentally friendly methods to reuse and recycle both solids and liquids that come with garage operations. Some of these actions include:

  • Treating and reusing anti-freeze
  • Utilizing used waste oil for heating purposes
  • Batteries and drums are recycled