Commitment to the Environment

We are committed to being responsible stewards of God's earth, and taking the best care we can of His creation.
reuse water
was utilized
approximately 60% of the time,
but innovative
thinking has
allowed us to
have increased that
percentage to 98%.
In order to help prioritize our sustainability efforts
we have focused on several areas where we believe we
can have the greatest impact:
Water, Energy and Emission, Recycling and Transportation.


We continue to look for innovative ways to minimize our water usage and discharge, and reuse water in ways that help our environment.

CFG’s Hatfield, PA facility has its own state-of-the-art water treatment facility located and operated on-site. This water treatment facility has enabled us to reduce fresh water usage by modifying areas where fresh water was being utilized and maximizing reuse water opportunities.

Conserving water at our farms is critical, as it not only impacts water usage coming in, but in addition, impacts nutrients output as well. CVFF has recently begun switching over its farms from a trough watering system to a swinging watering system The swinging watering systems give the animals complete access to all the water they need, but greatly reduces water waste.

As a result, CVFF has realized a 23% reduction in fresh water usage, as well as a 46% reduction in nutrient output.

reduce waste

reduce fresh water for our animals

Other trickle down results of decreased nutrient production (annually on a 5,600 sow farm):

sow manure