Commitment to Products and Customers

We are committed to bringing value to our customer through offering innovative solutions, delivering excellence in service, and being the most trusted provider of safe and wholesome pork products.
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A Customer Solutions Mindset

In 2011 CFG went through a radical transformation as our former Sales and Marketing area transformed into our Customer Solution’s area. Our goal was no longer to sell product based on pricing and customer requests.

This challenging transition meant we no longer gave the customer what they asked for. Customers often come to us with requests on what they think they need. However, in the end, often their request does not truly meet their needs. We now ask “What is their desired outcome?” We then take the responsibility to offer them a solution to achieve that desired outcome.

Our Customer Solution’s Center means we will know our customer (sometimes better than they know themselves), we will understand their true needs, and we will offer solutions for them that will meet those needs. Quite simply - we will make their life simpler and their business more profitable!

Customer Experience Center

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In 2012 our new state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center was completed. This innovative center gave us a world class facility where we could meet with our business partners, build stronger relationships, and ultimately offer solutions on how we can help grow their business.

The downstairs of the Center focuses on the legacy and the rich history of our business.

The upstairs includes modern meeting rooms, a viewing gallery into production, as well as a fully functioning industrial kitchen, where our full time on-staff corporate chef can meet with customers, show them new menu and tasting ideation experiences, and provide in-depth pork expert training classes.

Pork Experts
Our sales and customer service team of knowledgeable and experienced “Pork Experts” are proactive in providing our customers with real solutions that can help grow their business. Providing a safe, consistent and high quality product is a non-negotiable for us, but what truly makes us unique is the solution-centered service we strive to provide our customers.

We have experts in a variety of channels, including fresh pork and value added products. These channels are strategically aligned to offer knowledgeable and dedicated service for both fresh pork and value added opportunities.