Commitment to Products and Customers

pork safety
We are committed to bringing value to our customer through offering innovative solutions, delivering excellence in service, and being the most trusted provider of safe and wholesome pork products.

Food Safety and Quality

Both food safety and food quality are non-negotiable commitments at CFG, which means no matter what, these areas cannot be compromised. All team members understand that they are empowered to stop a line or stop shipment of any product if they feel that product does not meet our high expectations of safety and quality.

The CFG FSQA team develops and monitors both food safety and food quality programs and processes. This team is comprised of experienced and educated individuals who, like all our team members, share a passion to ensure food safety and top quality in all the products we produce.

One of the ways we measure quality is by tracking Complaints Per Million Pounds, or how many customer complaints we receive for each million pounds of product we ship out. Complaints may be items such as product was too fatty, or a package was leaking, etc.

pork complaints

The FSQA Team is responsible for many areas, including:
Food Safety and Regulatory Compliance
  • CFG’s Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Points (HACCP) Program
  • A Food Security Program registered under the FDA Bio-Terrorism Act of 2002.
  • Third party audits
  • Safe Quality Foods Certification (SQF)
Food Quality
  • A Quality Scorecard is in place as a tool to measure quality and verify compliance to processes and procedures.
Lab – Microbiological and Analytical Chemistry
  • Our brand new innovative on-site lab continuously monitors our facilities, equipment, raw materials and finished product to ensure food safety and quality.
  • The full service laboratory is maintained separate from all production areas and conducts both microbiological and analytical chemistry testing.
  • Our lab participates in monthly third-party testing to ensure accuracy of tests and results.
  • Ongoing training is conducted for all our sanitation team members to ensure education and compliance with food safety and quality guidelines.

The combination of state-of-the-art food safety and quality technology along with a dedicated FSQA Team helps to ensure food safety and quality in every step of our business, from farm to fork.

Safe Quality Foods (SQF)

CFG is currently SQF Level 3 certified…the highest level of certification.

This SQF Certification enables Clemens Food Group to assure our customers that our product has been produced, processed, prepared and handled according to the highest possible standards.

SQF is a voluntary program that provides independent certification that a supplier’s food safety and quality management system complies with globally recognized standards.

Quite simply - SQF Certification ensures we are doing what we say we will do – that we have Food Safety and Quality programs and processes in place, and that we are following them. This is directly tied to our Core Values of Ethics, Integrity and Stewardship.