Commitment to Products and Customers

innovative pork products
We are committed to bringing value to our customer through offering innovative solutions, delivering excellence in service, and being the most trusted provider of safe and wholesome pork products.

Innovative and Consumer Driven Products

Farm Promise

CFG is excited to roll out our new Farm Promise program…the first and the only U.S. pork program to date to carry the USDA Process Verified NE3 seal, meaning we’ve welcomed USDA to our facility to oversee and audit our process from the feed, to the farms, to the product produced at the plant.

Attributes of Farm Promise include:
  • Never Ever Given Antibiotics
  • Never Ever Given Growth Promotants
  • Never Ever Given Animal By-Products
  • Free to Roam™ housing communities
  • Source Assured™ traceable back to the farm
  • PQA+ Certified Standard of Animal Care holding industry leading standards

Any animal in our Farm Promise supply that does get sick and need individual antibiotic treatment for complete healing will be segregated out of the Farm Promise supply, and will not be sold under the Farm Promise brand name.

We are committed to providing our customers with a reliable Farm Promise supply of Never Ever 3 product.

innovative pork products

CFG and all its producers are dedicated to producing a safe and wholesome product that is free from antibiotic residues.  Our program is strongly focused on raising healthy pigs and preventing disease through proper husbandry, hygiene and routine health monitoring while at the same time limiting the use of any medications.

All of our producers are PQA Plus Certified, which provides producers a strict set of guidelines to ensure the judicious use of antibiotics for therapeutic treatment as prescribed by a licensed veterinarian and used only according to FDA guidelines.

Click HERE to read CFG’s complete statement on Antibiotics.


Innovative Packaging

One of the ongoing strategies of CFG is to have each of its food brands offering new and creative products and packaging that fits the needs of today's consumers. For example:

  • Our Recipe Essentials line of sausage products, which utilizes environmentally friendly packaging in an innovated "brick" shape without casings, gives consumers a quick and simple option for adding sausage into a recipe.
hot sausagesweet sausage
  • Some of our loin packaging now includes simple cutting instructions to help our customers better understand how to get the most value out of our products.
pork loin