Product Nutrition

It is our goal to provide our consumers with a wide variety of delicious and nutritious products that will satisfy a wide variety of dietary choices and needs. Our Research and Development (R&D) team is constantly working  to provide products that meet and exceed the dietary and taste preferences of our valued consumers.


whole boneless Reduced Sodium HamSodium is a critical nutrient for food preservation and curing, along with an important ingredient to meet our consumers taste preferences. We continue to evaluate sodium levels in all our products, and are committed to offering Reduced Sodium products for our consumers who prefer these choices.

Half Boneless HamOur Classic Boneless Reduced Sodium Hams retain the same classic flavor as our regular  ham, but has 50% less sodium than USDA data for traditional boneless hams.  These products are also Gluten Free with no MSG added.

Reduced Sodium BaconOur Reduced Sodium Bacon has the same delicious Hatfield Bacon taste, with 28% less sodium than regular bacon.

Gluten Free and No MSG

Almost all of our products are both Gluten Free and contain no MSG. The very few of our products that do include Gluten or MSG are labeled according to all USDA guidelines and will list Gluten, if present, as well as MSG, which will be listed as Monosodium Glutamate

Click on this link for complete nutritional information on our products, and to see a complete list of Reduced Sodium and Gluten Free products.