Commitment to Team Members

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We are committed to our Team Member’s safety and wellbeing, and to providing continuous training and education opportunities to maximize their career growth and advancement potential.

CFG Driven

driven pork products Since its beginnings, Clemens Food Group has been a company committed to continuously improving for a better tomorrow. In 2013 a dedicated team of 5 full time team members was put into place to ensure our team member had the tools and methodologies in place to operate in a culture of continuous improvement. The introduction of these tools, such as SIC Boards, Team Huddle Meetings, Problem Solving Meetings, etc., has allowed our team members to be much more involved in improving our processes, which has helped them become more engaged in operating under a culture of continuous improvement.

CFG Driven was introduced to our team members at that point, which to our team members means having pride in working together as one team to improve ourselves and our workplace so we are better today than yesterday, and better tomorrow than today.

CFG Driven is not an initiative or a program with an end date or a finish line. It is our way of doing business to ensure the ultimate success and sustainability of our company.

The sustainability of CFG Driven lies in the fact that:

  • Our team members are directly involved, engaged, and trained in CFG Driven
  • Management is trained on CFG Driven tools, processes and philosophy
  • “Driven Sessions” are held to evaluate processes, solve problems and identify opportunities
  • Implemented team member ideas are tracked, and celebrated to recognize team members and their teams

Our Light Bulb recognition program recognizes teams whose ideas have been implemented and resulted in a significant impact within the company.