Commitment to Team Members

We are committed to our Team Member’s safety and wellbeing, and to providing continuous training and education opportunities to maximize their career growth and advancement potential.

Team Member Safety—A Key Expectation

Even though we are a profit driven company, earning a profit must never come at the expense of compromising Team Member Safety. Achieving productivity or making yields never takes precedence over safety.

At Clemens Food Group Safety is not a “program”, but rather a culture that is engrained as a component of our Core Values and an expectation of every team member, whether at work, on the road or at home.

A culture of safety means shifting from a “Safety is not my job” mentality to having every team member engaged and taking ownership of Safety. To support this culture shift change, the ADKAR change management model is utilized, with specific strategies and tactics used to support the change and promote engagement in this culture of Safety.


ADKAR Change Management Model Utilized for Safety


An Innovative Approach to Safety
CFG’s commitment to the Safety of all team members has been a very deliberate process that involves several key innovative elements.


  • A Safety Support Structure = A Shift in Accountability
    • We have moved from Safety being the responsibility of the Safety Department to Safety being owned by every team member. The creation and support of a Safety Support Structure has been a key in this accountability shift.
    • We have an active and engaged Safety Steering Committee that is comprised of Senior Management, Safety Task Force Chairmen and external partners that have all given their personal commitment to the on-going health and safety of our Team Members. This Committee oversees the execution of our Safety Plan which includes the continuous improvement of our Safety Programs and the development of new and sustainably processes that are focused on creating a culture of trust and safety. These programs are developed by five cross functional task forces which are comprised of Team Members throughout the organization. The involvement of so many people demonstrates how we believe that Safety is everyone’s job.

pork team safety

  • Empowerment of Team Members
    • Consistent with our Safety as a Key Expectation, every team member has been given the authority and responsibility to take action if he/she sees an unsafe condition, which includes stopping the production line.
  • Safety Measurement
    • We measure ourselves based on a metric that we call a Safety Severity Index (SSI). We consider both the frequency and the severity of the injuries and illnesses that our Team Members experience as we strive to improve in both areas. As we continue to create greater awareness about safe behavior and what effects a safe work environment, foster a desire in our Team Members to work safely and the knowledge on how to work safely, we have seen an improvement in our SSI score.

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  • In addition, we continue to monitor typical Occupational Safety and Health Administration (OSHA) metrics such as Days Away Restricted or Transferred (DART) and Total OSHA Recordables (TOR), but we also monitor metrics that measure near misses.

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Although we continue to see improvements in Safety, we consider one incident with injury or illness to be too many. Our ultimate goal is to have zero incidents with injury or illness. We realize that is a lofty goal, but we are committed to Safety as a Key Expectation, and with the help of all team members, zero is a goal for which we will continue to strive.